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The I-Screamers

The "I–Screamers" is a newly reformed indoor cricket team taking by storm the City of Perth, Western Australia - down under for those overseas folks.

The core of the team work together at the Peters Ice Cream Facility located in Balcatta and join once a week on Mondays to play and game.

This time is also shared with the other members of the families where they come along to cheer, support, and have a good time with the team.

Indoor Cricket is the indoor short field version of the outdoor game.

It is a much quicker game because the field area used for the game is shorter than the standard outside "pitch".

This game involves 6 to 8 players of all ages and has its own unique rules. The floor of the pitch in the indoor game is either astro-turf or a special carpet designed for this purpose. The ball too is different, being a softer compound than the outdoor game.

Scoring too is different as from the strikers end, there are three vertical lines moving away from the striker called a bat-ter. Once you hit the ball past the first line you score one run, hit it further past the second line two runs and so on. If you hit the ball along the ground and it hits the back net, then that is four runs and on the full six runs. When you "hit a six" you can not be caught out. You can also make additional runs, by actually running. The nets that surround the field help to contain the ball in the playing field area.

We started off by having a competition for the best name for the team. There were many great names suggested including some I can’t mention here, and there was a prize offered for the best name.

So, watch this space for some of the candid camera shots that this high flying team will produce, from the airborne floating, to nose diving into the dirt.

Check out photo of the week.
See if you guess the score for the first week.
Who will have the best miss?
Look out for the air shots.

So LOOK OUT big brother is watching, you could see yourself right here in the coming weeks if you get snapped.

Keep an eye on our newsletter to see the results of this team. There will be competitions and other prizes for things to do with this team so keep an eye on this website so you can win. Don’t forget to save us in your favourites.

We plan to play the best as we can, however the emphasis across the board is we are there to have fun. So come and watch us play, have a chat, meet the team.

So go the I-Screamers, Good Luck for the new season, hit that ball as hard as you can, get the runs, and make us proud.

Here is an email address for the fans, members, I-Screamers, and anyone else who wants to add comments for the web page. Or ask your favourite player a question and to request photographs from the games.

Send your favourite player a fan-email, post a photo, share something or ask questions at

Go I-Screamers.

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