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Don't be shy...


We at Nemesis Solutions pride ourselves on being personally involved in the projects that we undertake. This is input by people or a group of people, and as we all understand once you introduce the human factor into anything, then "without a doubt" errors can, and invariably do occur.

I am the first to admit , that we don't always "get it right", but without you telling us where we fail, simply, we don't know.

For this purpose, I have set up a department that only looks after complaints.

This is headed by one of my Business Managers, Mr Stan Lee who will control this department. Stan comes from a Business background, and will answer your genuine complaint within seven working days. Complaints are to be in writing and can be sent directly to his email address:

As a company we hope that there are not complaints, because we do work hard to offer you the customer the best possible service that we can, however if something is not right, please give us the chance to put it right and serve you better.

Over the years, I have seen people in restaurants, and they order their steak well done and when it arrives at the table, it moos and leaps off the plate .

Some people wonít say anything so they donít make a fuss , but they never return to that business again .

I want your repeat business because that alone is a testament of how good we are and how good we are performing for you "the customer".

So donít be shy, if we need to fix something, write to Stan, who will acknowledge your mail, investigate, and report his findings. At that point we will decide what is the best way for all parties to be satisfied and then that agreed result will be final.

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