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Seek further information, offer ideas, share some experiences...

Contact Us

Hi and welcome to the Contacts page.

Many contact pages are just lists of phone numbers ... BORING !!!!!

So on this page, you have the chance to contact us to seek further information, offer ideas, share some experiences, download free stuff, or be directed to an area that can answer your questions. You should read this page as you can get prizes sent to you for reporting errors, spelling mistakes, and other ideas.

Contact: Bruce Hamilton
Managing Director
Phone: +618 9427 7334
Fax: +618 6278 2868
Postal: PO Box 2333
Warwick, WA 6024

So donít be shy sent us a message.

Please send a message to the above address or one of the following departments.

Web design  []

For all those technical questions.
Yes, I too get confused by all the technical terms, hyper something, and kilopascal something else, linked to the doofer thingy etc. But ask and we will get the right answer for you from our web design Manager.

We reward people for suggestions that we take on board, so get those creative minds ticking over and send an idea.

If you would like to list your site with us, send through a proposal and we will look at it.

Information []

Seek information from us by sending a message.
Let us answer your questions.

Be our guest, send us some of your highlights, pictures, stories, as in the future we may even put it on the site for others to see. Because email is the way of the future, many sites get swamped with emails on a day to day basis. So when you email Ė keep it simple - donít write a book Ė because frankly, when you receive hundreds per day, time is reduced to a few seconds to read each one and to try to respond to all.

So put it in point form and be brief and you will get a speedy answer, hopefully within 24 hours because of the time frame worldwide. Always remember the time frame, because while you are up drinking your morning coffee, I could be snoring my head off, in the middle of the night.

Feedback []

We love your positive feedback, so please let us encourage others to use our products based on the good old fashion service we have done for you. Let us put your feedback on our website on our testimonials page.

Complaints []

As from our complaints page, if you have a issue that needs to be put right, write to our Complaints Manager and you will be looked after. A life time of experience has taught me, that most issues people have with anything is due to lack of communication, so write to us, and we will look at it.

I-screamers []

Here is an email address for the fans, members, I-Screamers, and anyone else who wants to add comments for the web page. Or ask your favourite player a question. Request photographs from the games .

Kids Stuff []

Email to Samuel.

Samuel looks after the kids stuff and free stuff. So if you have an idea, photo, or link that you think we should use, let Samuel know. Check out our kids page.

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