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The building blocks of strength and growth

About Us

Nemesis-Solutions is a privately owned and operated company providing a number of products and services in today’s world.

Our National and International Services span the globe providing solutions and alternatives to all people in a variety of different situations.

Our Company operations span all aspects of Financial Management, Debt Reduction, Wealth Management, International Global Logistics, Business Development & Management, Computerised Electronic Accounts Management, Computer Services, Staff Training and Motivation, and Workplace Hazard Identification.

In the day to day lives of people we provide the cornerstone of future stability, the building blocks of strength and growth, and a total secure debt free package while exploring key ways of improving quality of life.

We prefer a close relationship with our customers, and share the joy in providing Financial Freedom and the building of a strong asset base. One of the core strategies of Nemesis Solutions is that of natural growth, and building on its strengths and capabilities, we can provide significant restructuring without the need of refinancing or increasing debt. These strengths include a track record of superior service, award winning achievements, positive customer service ratings and the best of all, referral and repeat business.

The company was founded 2001 as a Service Provider for Staffing Businesses on a contract and sub contract basis. Later due to growth and development we acquired a need for our customer base to have Electronic Accounts Management and related services.

The Company has a philosophy of continuous service improvement, which is supported by a highly motivated positive attitude of our team, and the desire to continue to evolve now and in the future. This is designed to lay a platform for future growth by increasing the quality of service we deliver combined with the goodwill and loyalty we receive from customers to not only to get the job done the first time, but enjoying the ride in achieving the goal.

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